Turkey Taco Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

We always keep ground turkey in our freezer. It’s a great, lean meat that defrosts quickly and is mild enough in flavor that you can make a wide variety of meals with it. One of my go-to dishes is ground turkey tacos but instead of a tortilla, I serve them in fluffy, baked sweet potatoes. The flavor combination is amazing. The sweet creaminess of the potato is a great compliment to the spice of the meat. So shake up your Taco Tuesday, and treat yourself to this nutrient-packed taco!


  • 1 lb Ground Turkey
  • 4 Sweet Potatoes
  • Taco Seasoning
  • 1 Red Pepper, diced
  • 1/2 Sweet Onion, diced
  • Olive Oil
  • Guacamole, to taste
  • Sour Cream, to taste
  • Shredded Cheddar Cheese, to taste
  • 12+ Cherry Tomatoes, halved
  • 1 Lime, quartered

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F. Wash the sweet potatoes, dry and place on a tinfoil-lined baking sheet. Poke a few shallow holes in them to release heat while they are baking – they could explode otherwise! Once the oven is hot, bake the potatoes for 45-50 minutes or until soft to the touch (squeeze gently with a hot mitt on). You can also insert a fork into the potato – if there is no resistance, they are done.

In a large nonstick skillet, sauté the peppers with a small amount of olive oil over low-medium heat until they are slightly browned. Season with salt and then set aside in a small serving dish.

In the same skillet, add a bit more olive oil and the ground turkey. Break up the turkey and cook over the heat, turning the meat often so that it cooks evenly. As it’s getting more brown vs pink, add a bit more olive oil – this helps keep the turkey from drying out. Turn down the heat to low and add the taco seasoning. Mix well.

When the potatoes are done baking, let cool for a couple minutes. Slice open each potato and fill with the seasoned turkey. Top with cheese, sautéed peppers, guacamole, sour cream and fresh cut tomatoes. Drizzle with lime juice.


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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Espirational says:

    Great idea! I’m going to have to try this.

    1. Kristin says:

      Thank you! Please let me know what you think – I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

  2. ajutzy says:

    Hi again,

    Another interesting recipe from Kristin, and this one sounds like one I might even decide to try.

    C U tomorrow.


    Sent from my iPad


  3. nattiestyl80 says:

    Oh hell yeah this is right up my alley!! 🤤🤤🤤 👌🏻👌🏻💯



    1. Kristin says:

      Glad you approve – you have great taste!! It’s such a tasty meal! I hope you enjoy!!

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