Egg & Pesto Toast


Have I mentioned how much I love having a Farmer’s Market outside our Boston apartment? Every Wednesday a collection of vendors gather literally right below us. Just-picked garden vegetables, fresh baked breads, recently laid chicken eggs, right off-the-hook fish… it’s a foodie’s dream. So yesterday, I selected a wonderful loaf of wheat bread, the most fragrant bunch of basil, and fresh eggs. Upon returning home, I whipped up some Garden Basil Pesto, which is much easier than it seems. Today, I made a super tasty breakfast, which I now share with you.


  • Good Bread, sliced
  • Eggs, soft-boiled
  • Garden Basil Pesto, or store-bought pesto
  • Salt & Pepper, to taste

Preheat your oven to Broil-Lo. If you’re making your pesto, follow the instructions for Garden Basil Pesto. The pesto can be made a day in advance (it also freezes well).

In a pot filled with water, add the number of desired eggs (1-2 per person). Bring the water to a boil. Once boiling, turn off the heat and cover with the lid. Let the eggs sit in the covered pot for 5 minutes (this will leave a soft, runny yolk). After the 5 minutes, drain the water and run them under cold water. Peel the eggs carefully and set aside.

While the eggs are resting in the hot water, toast your slices of bread (1-2 slices per person) to your desired level of toastiness. Keep your eye on the bread though as it doesn’t take long for bread to burn under the broiler! Note, you could also just toast your bread if you have a toaster.

Once toasted, spread the pesto on the warm bread. Carefully break a peeled egg over each piece of toast. Season with salt & pepper and serve warm. Mmmm.



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