The Princess Glass

Because Every DIVA Should Have a Princess Glass

This is Granny. As her first grandchild, and first girl… she had all brothers and all sons, we have developed a special bond over the years.  She is a very special lady, and our relationship means the world to me. This particular story takes place a couple years ago when Granny was downsizing in her home.

I was helping her go through her kitchen, deciding which items she would like to take with her. Given the fact that Granny used to be able to host a dinner party for 100 people, and didn’t need to rent a single serving item, she had a lot of items to sort through. So with that said, it was quite a process. When it came to the wine glasses, she had some options. I was drooling over several of them…. beautiful crystal, art deco, slender & elegant, back-porch cool… but she reached for the plain-jane, dishwasher safe glasses. She stated that she was done entertaining, so why should she use a fancy glass when drinking by herself?

This is where I reminded her what she’s taught me over the years.

And let me begin with, this moral goes beyond just drinking wine. Nobody should undervalue their time alone, or not treat themselves to something because they’re not with a group.

I continue to tell her that in my home, where I live alone, I have what I refer to as my Princess Glass.

My Princess Glass was an impulse, splurge purchase. It’s a Kate Spade Lenox glass; and I only own one of them. I drink out of my Princess Glass when I’m drinking on my own at home…. because why should I down-play my evening when I’m not entertaining? And why should Granny? I instructed her to pick out her favorite, fancy wine glass so she too could have a Princess Glass at her new home.

Her response? “But Kristin, I’m a Queen.”

So while I still drink out of my Princess Glass, Granny now drinks out of her Queen Glass…As she should.


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