2007 Optima Zinfandel

I served my Not So Scary Paella for dinner the other night, and wanted to find a good bottle of red to serve that would compliment the spiciness of the dish. After discussing my options with my Dad, we landed on the Optima Zinfandel. I decanted it so it could open up properly before my guests arrived. It was a full-bodied, smooth wine with lots of berry flavor – my favorite! It was not as spicy as I would have anticipated a zin to be, but none the less, delicious. Not to worry, this bottle went quickly!

2007 Optima Zinfandel

Description of the wine from Optima:

The 2007 Zinfandel is a ripe full-flavored, exceptionally easy going Zinfandel.  The wine delivers the regions classic robust wild berry fruit, balanced by creamy vanilla. The tannins are smooth and round and the expansive mid-palate leads to a firm and persistent finish. The balance of this quintessential Zinfandel allows great versatility with food.

This bottle can be purchased on average around $25.


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