Homemade Popcorn & Cranberry Garland

Our family Christmas’ are usually held at my parent’s home, with the main focus being on Christmas Eve. We invite our family and friends, and have a very merry gathering. There were two Christmas’ though that we went up to northern Michigan. In effort to simplify the packing, we only brought a few ornaments to decorate the tree. So to add some old fashioned fun to the tree, my mom had us make homemade popcorn and cranberry garland. I loved it! We don’t always have the luxury of time to make the garland, but I made a point to do this year. I had such a fun time with it, and it really added a lot of Christmas spirit to my tree!

All you need is a thread & needles, package of plain popcorn and 1-2 bags of cranberries… depending on the size of your tree. Start each strand with a single cranberry, and tie a knot around it. Note on the popcorn – get it with no butter! Otherwise you’ll have a sticky mess!

I watched Christmas movies while stringing my garland… and of course had some vino! 

I did a rotation of two cranberries, two popcorn, etc, but there really is no rule on the pattern! Just have fun and perhaps sing Christmas carols while stringing! 

See how much the garland adds to the tree! Just rope it all down the tree, tucking it into the branches

Merry Christmas!!!


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